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Tip O’ the Horn 005: Delete Hole Command

In this episode we’ll take a look at the painstaking process of deleting holes from geometry. The traditional way to delete multiple holes in a model is to go through one by one, however the Delete Hole Command is a valuable resource for those needing this particular feature in a model.


Tip O’ the Horn 004: Barrel Rifling (Twisting)

In this episode we’ll take a look at a quick technique for creating barrel rifling for a gun design. By using a gun that was modeled for Men in Black III as an example, we’ll start from scratch and walk through the steps for creating a twist that we’ll Boolean from our barrel tube.


Tip O’ the Horn 003: Easy Shut Lines in Rhino

One of the great features in Rhino 5 is the ability to apply shut lines. Any adjacent surfaces that have a break between them (such as panels on a car or aircraft) are referred to as shut lines. In this video we’ll go over some quick tips for showing multiple iterations of panel break-ups in a non-destructive manner.


Tip O’ the Horn 001: Display Modes as Analysis

Welcome to our first edition of Tip O’ the Horn! Here at cadjunkie, we’re proud to introduce our very first episode from Rhino Master and VFX Blaster Scott Schneider! In this episode, Scott will go over some quick techniques for analyzing your model on the fly for those ultra-intense speed-modeling sessions!


Audi A3 Hood Scan Reverse-Engineering

Today we have a very special treat thanks to our EvD guest Sky Greenawalt! Sky sent us a 3D scan of his Audi A3’s hood for us to play with. In this video, we’ll be taking a look at importing a 3D scan into Rhino, exporting to modo for a rebuild, then finally pull it into SolidWorks using T-Splines so it’s ready for some intense modeling-action! Thanks Sky!!